Earlier Incidents

The mouth of the Taieri river is notoriously dangerous to cross. It is likely that most accidents are
dealt with by the people involved and go unreported. However, this location has the highest
emergency call-out rate around. Below are a few from the pages of the Otago Daily Times.

If you need to report an incident, you should use the ORC Harbourmaster vessel incident report.

article b

Four rescued after boat swamped on bar

ODT, September 9 2020

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article a

Boat makes it to shore

ODT, June 23 2020

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article 2015b

Boat capsizes at Taieri Mouth

ODT, December 2 2015

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article c

Kayakers 'lucky to be alive'

ODT, April 9 2015

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article 2013

Three incidents off coast near Dunedin

ODT, March 31 2013

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article 2014

Four rescued from waters near Taieri Mouth

ODT, January 15 2013

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article 2010c

Boat users chilled from capsize at river mouth

ODT, August 30 2010

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article 2010b

Taieri Mouth bar warning

ODT, June 7 2010

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