Webcam snapshot @

Welcome to the Taieri Mouth Bar Camera.

The camera takes a photo every minute in a continuous sequence:

  • Wide view
  • Medium view (x3)
  • Close-up – Left, Centre & Right of the bar (x10)
  • Super close-up – Left, Centre & Right of the bar (x20)

The previous 120 hours (5 days) of photos are kept on the website. You can access them by selecting the desired date and time in the panel below the main photo. From the main photo you may scroll forwards and backwards in time using the arrows at the side of the main photo. 

This enables you to view the area at any recent tide or time which might help you decide your activity plan. Bear in mind that conditions can change rapidly.

This setup is still in testing phase while we await a second camera to be placed much closer to the water and then this first camera will be moved to a higher elevation. In the meantime we hope you enjoy a view of the area as well as the convenience of a selection of weather forecasts all in one place.

Check pictures of the bar at the last 2 or 3 low tides and see if you can spot the channel. That will help you navigate deeper water for your crossing.